2019.02.22 ~ 2019.03.22


2019 Donation Campaign
Support for Abandoned Animals
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The Commons Foundation is dedicated to creating a commons ecosystem by developing and supporting sustainable socio/psychological changes based on commons philosophies for culture, economics, governance, and social models.
This year, the Commons Foundation plans to launch a new campaign using blockchain to support those who practice the commons spirit and to establish a transparent and sound donation culture by sharing knowledge.

Value of Commons Foundation's Donation Campaign

The donation will be raised by using MicroBitcoin which was developed based on blockchain technology and represents decentralized P2P transactions and transparency.
MicroBitcoin is an open source community. MicroBitcoin's ecosystem is built by each individual who contributes to MicroBitcoin's protocol, application, and service levels.
In order to facilitate smooth participation of individuals and groups in the donation campaign and its transparency, volunteers who agree with the commons' implementation and 'Behind.io' which acts as a practical platform, will join the donation process such as exchanging MicroBitcoin to KRW, purchasing goods, its delivery and etc.
Behind.io is a decentralized P2P exchange and it ensures more secure services to end users and transparency between individual transactions. Behind.io will provide an escrow service to exchange an amount of MicroBitcoin donated from donors into Korean Won.

Donation Process

The Commons Foundation is able to implement the transparent donation campaign using blockchain technology with Behind.io by making donors check whether donations have been used properly for abandoned animals or not, so it will make sure its transparent and trustworthy.
The campaign will be a great opportunity to establish a sustainable donation culture and support the people who practice the commons spirit.

Watch this video for more information

Donate Now

We would like to announce that due to unavoidable circumstances from the animal shelter 'Yuhengsa' which was introduced as the chosen shelter, it is no longer possible to conclude the campaign with that shelter.
Therefore, we will conclude the campaign with helping another local animal shelter called '나비야 사랑해 (Nabiya Saranghae)'.
'Nabiya Saranghae' engages in activities such as rescue, treatment, temporary adoption protection, and neutering of stray cats in order to make people and stray cats live a beautiful world together. They are also doing a project called 'Project Hope' for mistreated, wounded abandoned cats and dogs to be cured and helping them find a new family and home.
Also due to the change, we would like to extend the scheduled end date (15th of March) for the donation campaign to 22nd of March.
Please kindly understand the circumstances and join the campaign before it finishes. Keep your eye on the campaign! :)