2019.02.25 Monday


Korea's first animal shelter donation campaign using blockchain technology
Last 22nd, The Commons Foundation Korea Office announced that it will support the individuals and organizations who practice the Commons philosophy and carry out the 'Blockchain Donation Culture' campaign for building a transparent and healthy donation culture.

This campaign is based on the blockchain technology that represents decentralization and transparency. Applying blockchain technology to a donation culture is a great feature that donors can keep track of all enforcement processes, such as donations and deliveries, as well as donation status, and ensure transparency of donations. The blockchain technology to be applied actually utilizes the MicroBitcoin, which is a blockchain protocol developed for use in the real-life economy. MicroBitcoin is managed through an open source community that is creating MicroBitcoin ecosystems through contributions from individuals in protocols, applications, and services.

The sponsored group to receive the donation of the campaign were selected as "Yuhengsa"(which means "people who are searching to find happiness for abandoned animals").

This is a nonprofit organization of individuals who spontaneously volunteer for abandoned animals. Volunteers gather on streets near Noksapyeong Station in Yongsan-gu, Seoul every Saturday to organize an abandoned animal adoption campaign.

In addition, 'Behind', which can act as a practical platform in the process of donating, is working together.
Behind is a P2P OTC exchange which has decentralized nature, so it helps to build for end users more secure services and trust between individual transactions. acts as an escrow to exchange donated MicroBitcoins to the real stuff.

According to the staff from the Commons Foundation, the donation campaign which is cooperated with Behind and Yuhengsa is able to implement its transparency and trustworthy by making donors check whether donations have been used properly for abandoned animals or not. They added to that, the campaign will provide a good opportunity to support and establish a sustainable donation culture.

The Commons Foundation is a non-profit foundation established to implement sustainable and fair community-based Peer-to-Peer culture, economics, governance, and social models. The Commons Foundation is building a commons culture by sharing knowledge with a wide diversity of business areas that apply blockchain technology.