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Commons Foundation provides resources to start-ups that understand the purpose and the philosophy of Commons. The self-organized Cooperatives create Commons ecosystem, nurturing and achieving their business objectives.
Official Open Schedule Undecided
Focus on Various Consulting and Investment Connections
Yongsan-gu Bokwang-ro
Open Co-working Area Conference Room Video Conference Room Café
Cooperative Type
Co-Working Space
Establishing Self-Sustainable Start-ups through Cooperatives and Commons-based Entrepreneurial Activity
Support from
Commons Foundation
Blockchain Technology and the Offline Platform for Various Industries
The teams selected for the Commons CIGGU Program will be provided an office space for 6 months to establish a Cooperative and operate given space to accumulate funds necessary for start-up service.
Participate in various programs such as establishing strategies through consultation and advice from experts regarding various aspects needed for the start-up, hosting meetups, Angel-Fund matching programs.
Contribute to the development of Commons Culture by sharing expertise in each other's fields.



Resources Support

Consultation and Support for Document Work and Legal-Process Handling needed for Start-up Activities
Provide consulting service regarding insurance, protection from risks, educational training, legal and financial issues. Provide guidance for Angel-Investment fund matching and application. Provide financial support for Start-up items utilizing Micro Bitcoin.

Provides Work Space

'Commons Place' in Itaewon where Various Culture Comes Together
Open space where creative ideas can arise. Customized office facilities for collaborative work. Convenient transportation. (subway station nearby)

Open Community

Networking Program Over Diverse Industries
Start-up meetups, marketing channels, and spaces. Mentor network program with outside experts.

Supports with Accelerated Programs

Support for Business Expansion
Objective setting as well as mentoring for additional objective improvement and check-up. Formation of an advising network with outside mentors of diverse industries.


Entrepreneurs who, as Commons Cooperatives, can accept and abide by the Cooperative rules.
Start-up entrepreneurs who have released, or plan to release within 3 months' time, their products or services 2-6 members
Freelancers who are actively freelancing and possess the appropriate level of portfolios.

Members of the Cooperative form a voluntary and open Cooperative. In order to take advantage of the services offered by the Commons Foundation, the members carry out the duties as the Cooperative member. The members will participate in the decision-making process within the Cooperatives and carry out the decisions. The members actively participate in the procurement of necessary funding. The members respect and actively execute cooperation among the members of the Cooperative. The members contribute necessary parts for the symbiosis with and the development of the community.
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Key Events
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  • Is the Move-In Program limited for application to a specific industry?
    No, all industries including IT, design, legal, and education can apply for the program.
  • Do I have to register in the Cooperative?
    Yes, the Commons Place Cooperative membership is a requirement and we require your agreement signature when you apply.
  • How much is the fee for moving in?
    The fee is the administrative fee paid monthly to the Cooperatives you have joined. Unlike the investment contributions, this fee will not be returned. Cooperatives expenses are used for the operation of the space, the activities of the members, and public relations activities.
  • What are the benefits of moving in?
    You can move in for at least 6 months and utilize CIGGU programs such as mentoring from experts, networking, and investments.
  • Is there a limit regarding how long I can use the office?
    The default period is 6 months, and you may extend the period once.
  • Do the participants of the program all use individual office space?
    Commons Place is an open workspace and therefore has no individual offices. However, there are spaces available for different usage purposes such as meeting rooms and conference calls.
  • Can I get the application documents back?
    The application documents are used for the evaluation process and are not returned. It will be destroyed after a certain period of storage.
  • Are the self-introduction and the presentation materials required?
    Yes, it is. If you do not attach them, the application will not complete.